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"How to Come Back from the Brink of Divorce, Restore Intimacy,

& Become Friends in your Marriage"




(Yes, even the tough parts.. so it's time to seize it!)

Hey, YOU! 

I'm loving that you stopped by, but what I'd really love to know is WHY!  See, that's what matters.  You & what you really want from your marriage... shoot, from your life! 

Maybe you're married... exhausted. And you feel like you're doing this marriage thing alone because it's just not feeling like a partnership...yet!  

You need to understand your unique blind spots and HOW to feel excited & connected.  So let's do that, then! (Yep! I get right to it for you!)  


Tell me a bit about YOU and then let's kick it old school and actually get on the phone! 

It's why I'm here! 

From good marriages that want to be great to marriages on the brink of divorce and everything in between...


...I help married folks find their way back to themselves & each other. 




By coaching them on how to truly master communication in their unique marriage (especially through conflict).  No more shutting down or shutting out.  


And what I’ve learned along the way is that the spouses who truly thrive and connect are courageous enough to be honest, for real, for real in order to find their way to the other side of what they really want. 




And most folks don’t have the real deal “answers” they actually need to tackle those tests.   


Taking the concepts and cliches you’ve heard over and over about relationships & turning them into real, practical, every day ways for you to feel the connection, peace, and partnership you want is my superpower! 

So tell me, why are you reading this right now?


So , Tell  Me ...

What Brought You Here?

I just stopped by to get nosy and find out more about you and what you do.

My marriage is good, but I do want to strengthen our communication and create more intimacy so we can have a great marriage!

I just don't feel the connection in my marriage right now.  I've done everything I can think of, and I just don't know what to do anymore.

If You're In ... I'm ALL In! 

(But don't just take my word for it). 


Kristan & Adrian, Married 14 yrs

Before working with Imani we held a lot of our communication in out of respect for each other’s feelings or different reasons. We definitely had a disconnect with this. But  we’ve learned to be more open and more clear, and we’ve learned a lot of strategies to improve that and see eye to eye.  


We’ve been married almost 14 years and I have learned something in The Marriage Fix Experience that I hadn’t learned over those years, mostly things I didn’t even think to ask my husband or to ask myself. But when Imani asked me things, then I’m thinking about it. You can’t just Google this stuff because Google won’t know the questions to ask.  Working with Imani in The Marriage Fix Experience has just been a great experience for us.  


Shirhonda & Terrance, Married 10 yrs

When I first came to Imani, my husband and I were trying to decide whether to stay together or end our marriage after a long rough year. It was heartbreaking because we had the tools & potential to make it work, but we both needed to DO the work. I decided to invest in the marriage coaching sessions as a "Hail Mary" before giving up completely.  The sessions really gave me a safe space to pour my heart out as well as gain essential tools to do MY part to help restore our marriage.  The first 4 months, we experienced a LOT of growth.  I decided to extend the sessions for another 4 months and saw TREMENDOUS growth in our marriage.  I am truly thankful for the guidance & accountability I received as well as seeing the progress from it.  My husband and I did not celebrate our 9 year anniversary but we definitely made up for it by celebrate our 10 year milestone...together!  And one of the most beautiful results from the work we did to save our marriage was having our 9 year old daughter witness us overcome the rough spots. Even at her age, she expressed how happy it made her to see us laugh together again. 


Domari, Married/Separated

I’ve done marriage support before and it wasn’t bad, it got me to a certain place, but this was different because it was so personalized, and so much deeper.  Imani didn’t operate with the easy to ask and easy to answer questions, and I wouldn’t have gotten the level of clarity about what I really wanted and needed for myself if she hadn’t done that.  I was scared to do the work, but I knew I had Imani along side me which made it easier for me to do that.  When I got stuck or to a place that was really really bad, I just call on Imani and she would walk me through it.  It’s been transformation, and that’s the only way I could describe it.   I’ll never be able to thank Imani enough because it really was one of those life changing experiences.  

"Marriage is not "work," but an opportunity to be at a heightened state of consciousness & awareness of self, your spouse, and thus your marriage." -Imani Aieshah


Olivia & Antonio, Married 1 yr

It was blessing to meet you because last year we were in a bad place and we weren’t seeing this [their marriage] happening.  He wanted to call it quits and then I wanted to call it quits, and we said alright we gonna try this one more time. We’re going to involve somebody this time, and if this doesn’t work out we’re done.  


Even just the first time we had our first session, I think that was just the consultation, it was just different from then forward. You changed our perspective, forced us to grow, you challenged us and through challenging us you made us look at stuff footsie of our own perspective.  And just that tool right there has helped us so much. Our biggest thing was that we couldn’t communicate effectively.  And just seeing our growth has been sooo good. 


Dee & Kenton, Together 14 yrs

My coaching session with Imani changed the the way I hold and see myself as a woman, mother and wife. Since my daughter was born, I had been coming from a place of hardship and victimhood due to a special needs diagnosis and a feeling of isolation. These feelings of anger, grief and guilt were slowing eroding not only my self esteem but my relationship with my mate.


After two conversations with Imani, I had completely faced a limiting belief of how I needed to show up for my daughter, which allowed me to finally start showing up for MYSELF. It was such a game changer! She allowed me permission to “vacation at home”. After that, I started sleeping more, creating more boundaries and taking care of myself in a way that actually allowed me to live my life again.


In addition to that, I was able to re-write my story of motherhood and wife as an empowered journey and it brought me to tears to see that everything that happened had it’s purpose and I was a stronger woman for it. If you want a coach who will really SHIFT you, and who is also an authentic, deep listener, who will also be honest with you about what needs to change in order for you to be first an empowered individual, while also a wife and mother Imani is your woman! -Dee

This pioneering young lady is approaching Marriage, and its many facets, from a 21st century perspective. She understand the mind, body and soul of a marriage. Take her hand & let her guide you. - Kenton


Nicky, In Relationship

Talking with Coach Imani about my relationship always helps me to get clarity on things that I haven't forced myself to consider. She outlines the tough questions and encourages you to face those answers that you normally wouldn't say out aloud because you are too afraid of the reality. Her advice helps me to move towards the things that I want out of my relationship and creating workable strategies to help me bring my inner voice out in expressing those wants. I truly appreciate her boldness and honesty during our chats.

"A healthy marriage is not one without conflict, but one that has the tools to handle that conflict" -Imani Aieshah


Laden, In Relationship

Receiving council from Imani has been instrumental in my thinking regarding relationship. Her strong intuition, kindness, and knowledge is apparent in her delivery and I would recommend her to anyone looking to better understand their partner and loved one. Imani has the ability to help you move forward into resolution while helping you honor the journey that brought you to where you are!


Bee, Married 8 Yrs

When I came to Imani, my marriage wasn’t the issue.  But I did have things outside of the marriage that could change my marriage. Time was a big issue for me. In my field of work, I had to dedicated a lot of time to teaching, grading, and the being a wife and mom kinda got the leftover minutes.   But working with Imani for my career and personally made me reflect on my marriage and allowed me to breath. I thought I could just do it, I’m a planner… but it’s not that simple.  Working with Imani helped me rethink my time and now I go on dates with my husband and I’m so much happier in my career path and just in my life with my family.   


Kami, Married 12 yrs

Imani does a wonderful job of being inclusive of both partners in a marriage. Many of us feel as though a marriage coach is really only for the wife, but Imani does her best to help the husband feel he is as much a part of the process. Her focus on communication in the marriage is innovative and much needed in this "relationship expert" world. You can tell  she spends a lot of time and care creating spaces for couples that is preventative and not reactive, which is usually what drives so many people end up seeking counseling. She wants you to do it right before it goes bad, I really like that!

Intimate should be something your marriage IS not just something you do (occasionally).


And if you're not feeling the intimacy, then let's get down to exactly how you can. 

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