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"How to Come Back from the Brink of Divorce, and Restore Intimacy,  & Connection in your Marriage"



If you're out of ideas on what you can do to fix your marriage...frustrated by how disconnected you've become in your relationship ....and want to finally feel safe and loved and seen...

then you haven't landed here by chance!

Hey Hey Now! I'm Imani Aieshah

I help married folks who feel like their marriage is falling apart, restore intimacy, connection, and friendship so they feel even closer than they did when they first said "I do"

(real talk; it's possible even if you don't see how right now)

Google Search... Divorce Lawyer.

And it wasn't the first time.


When you feel like your back is up against the wall in your marriage, it crosses your mind...

an ESCAPE route.

But you don't really follow through.

You're not ready to actually end things (bags packed, papers drawn); you just want things to get better.


You just want that painful feeling to go away.

That feeling that you don't even matter to your spouse.

That feeling of waking up every morning walking on eggshells and dreading the day.

You wonder ... do they even care? 

Do they actually love you? See you?

Does the crumbling relationship hurt them like it does you?

And you carry so much of it alone because you feel like your marriage is a failure or that you've failed ... and you don't know if you can say that out loud to anyone?


And you may be here right now because you know you used to be fun, more at ease.

Your friends still like being around you.

And it's so light and easy with them.


But at home, it's like you become this person you don't want to be.


If feels like you're ticked off and frustrated all the time, even if they just breathe next to you.

You're winding down after dinner, listening to them laugh on the phone, and you feel it.

Why don't they laugh with you anymore?

Why does that person on the other line, whose not even their spouse, get the best version of them?

While you feel like you get the scraps ...


... the part of them that shuts down as soon as you open your mouth to ask a question about the bills or what they want to eat.

... the part that acts like a conversation with you is a chore.

...the part that says they just can't talk to you because everything is a problem, an argument.

The part that says "I love you" but you just don't feel it.

And you're tired of living with a roommate that pretends to be a spouse only when company comes over.

But it's been going on so long, you wonder if you're even lovable.

BUT YOU ARE!  You deserve to feel loved.


Talking with Coach Imani about my relationship always helps me to get clarity on things that I haven't forced myself to consider. She outlines the tough questions and encourages you to face those answers that you normally wouldn't say out aloud because you are too afraid of the reality. Her advice helps me to move towards the things that I want out of my relationship and creating workable strategies to help me bring my inner voice out in expressing those wants. I truly appreciate her boldness and honesty during our chats.

Nicky, In a Relationship

The issues in your marriage are there because you haven't found a way out of them ... yet. 

But deep down, you know what you want.


To feel loved.

To not just hear "I'm sorry," but to see and feel the actions change too.

To be considered.

To be heard.

To laugh and just be at ease with each other.

To feel like a friend and not the enemy.

To feel a hand on your thigh at night as you lock eyes and you both know what's going down next.

To know tenderness again and what it feels like to feel attractive and desired.

To just have...PEACE.

You want this so bad, but aren't sure if your marriage is too far gone to get it, but you stay... hopeful.

And hope is a spark, a start.

But hope alone will keep you feeling stuck, googling an escape route you can't even bring yourself to take.


Your marriage is the one of your most sacred relationships, and for that it is often the most tested.  

And many of our parents and loved ones just didn't have the tools to teach us how to move through those tests. (Mine didn't)

But You Haven't Failed! 

All this time, you've just been "doing marriage" without the skills to do it with more peace, love, understanding, and connection.

But what if you did have those skills?


What if you knew exactly how to connect, how to get to resolution quickly in an argument, how to have freedom to be yourself and still know you're loved, supported, and desired?



So how can our partnership change your marriage?  

We work together to ...


Get to Resolution and move on

Show you exactly how to communicate through conflict without anybody feeling the need to get defensive, blame game, shut down, or walk away.  You'll be able to communicate through damn near anything, while you both feel heard and considered and respected.  No more misunderstandings leading to  2-hour arguments that go nowhere but to a headache without any resolution.  You'll know exactly how to get to resolution quickly (and headache free) and without sweeping things under the rug or acting like nothing happened.


Make it Stick

Show you how to make the changes stick for real. People ignore the real... you  WILL hit snags and you will revert back to older habits sometimes, but the difference is that you'll have the tools and techniques in your unique marriage to recognize it, fix it, and make the changes. You don't have to live with it or live in it anymore. This is how real shifts happen, even when you're in a difficult or painful season in your marriage.  


Intimacy on 1000

Show you exactly how to create connection and intimacy even amid a crazy busy schedule, the even crazier kids' schedule, and never-ending to-do lists.  You'll feel confident about talking to each other about anything beyond kids, bills, & house stuff because you can be more than just co-parenting roommates. And you'll feel closer, more attracted, and more desirable to each other because your connection won't be an afterthought that never happens anymore. You'll discover how it looks for you to have fun, enjoy each other, and date again!


Get Clarity where you need it

Help you get the clarity and answers you need to truly and confidently move forward.  And I'll be so honest right here... that's if you decide to recommit and move forward together or if the clarity shows you it's time to move on and go your separate ways.  I'm here to heal your marriage, but every now and then the healing is in the parting. Together, we'll make sure you have the clarity you need to answer the question: should I stay or should I go?

So tell me ...
What brought you here?


I Want to Get to Know You

I'm just here to check you out & learn more about who you are and what you're about.  So, I thought I'd poke around on your site and see what's what. 


I Want Support

My marriage is good, but I do want to strengthen our communication and create more intimacy so we can have a great marriage!


I Need a Lifeline

I just don't feel the connection at all in my marriage right now.  I've done everything I can think of, and I just don't know what to do anymore.

Hey! I'm Imani

I'm a spontaneous spirit with type-A tendencies, a Bronx girl living in Georgia, a plant based-foodie, a Wife, Mama of 2, and a Marriage & Intimacy Coach.  

My own marriage feels like home to me. That's the best way I can even begin to describe it. But it has still known tears, pain, and a season of "is this it?"  And no matter what we face, we remain committed to our own growth and that of our relationship.  That doesn't mean we don't get on each other's nerves or have disagreements, but we tag in the tools we have to move through and move forward in that growth when we need them, and that has honestly been the glue all these years. 

I'm committed to helping married folks feel closer and more confident that they can have a marriage that actually feels like a loving, fun, partnership.


If You're In ... I'm All In!

(But don't just take my word for it). 


Kristan & Adrian, Married 14 yrs

Before working with Imani we held a lot of our communication in out of respect for each other’s feelings or different reasons. We definitely had a disconnect with this. But  we’ve learned to be more open and more clear, and we’ve learned a lot of strategies to improve that and see eye to eye.  


We’ve been married almost 14 years and I have learned something in The Marriage Fix Experience that I hadn’t learned over those years, mostly things I didn’t even think to ask my husband or to ask myself. But when Imani asked me things, then I’m thinking about it. You can’t just Google this stuff because Google won’t know the questions to ask.  Working with Imani in The Marriage Fix Experience has just been a great experience for us.  


Shirhonda & Terrance, Married 10 yrs

When I first came to Imani, my husband and I were trying to decide whether to stay together or end our marriage after a long rough year. It was heartbreaking because we had the tools & potential to make it work, but we both needed to DO the work. I decided to invest in the marriage coaching sessions as a "Hail Mary" before giving up completely.  The sessions really gave me a safe space to pour my heart out as well as gain essential tools to do MY part to help restore our marriage.  The first 4 months, we experienced a LOT of growth.  I decided to extend the sessions for another 4 months and saw TREMENDOUS growth in our marriage.  I am truly thankful for the guidance & accountability I received as well as seeing the progress from it.  My husband and I did not celebrate our 9 year anniversary but we definitely made up for it by celebrate our 10 year milestone...together!  And one of the most beautiful results from the work we did to save our marriage was having our 9 year old daughter witness us overcome the rough spots. Even at her age, she expressed how happy it made her to see us laugh together again. 


Domari, Married/Separated

I’ve done marriage support before and it wasn’t bad, it got me to a certain place, but this was different because it was so personalized, and so much deeper.  Imani didn’t operate with the easy to ask and easy to answer questions, and I wouldn’t have gotten the level of clarity about what I really wanted and needed for myself if she hadn’t done that.  I was scared to do the work, but I knew I had Imani along side me which made it easier for me to do that.  When I got stuck or to a place that was really really bad, I just call on Imani and she would walk me through it.  It’s been transformation, and that’s the only way I could describe it.   I’ll never be able to thank Imani enough because it really was one of those life changing experiences.  

"We were able to talk more with each other, not at each other"


Olivia & Antonio, Married 1 yr

It was blessing to meet you because last year we were in a bad place and we weren’t seeing this [their marriage] happening.  He wanted to call it quits and then I wanted to call it quits, and we said alright we gonna try this one more time. We’re going to involve somebody this time, and if this doesn’t work out we’re done.  


Even just the first time we had our first session, I think that was just the consultation, it was just different from then forward. You changed our perspective, forced us to grow, you challenged us and through challenging us you made us look at stuff footsie of our own perspective.  And just that tool right there has helped us so much. Our biggest thing was that we couldn’t communicate effectively.  And just seeing our growth has been sooo good. 


Dee & Kenton, Together 14 yrs

My coaching session with Imani changed the the way I hold and see myself as a woman, mother and wife. Since my daughter was born, I had been coming from a place of hardship and victimhood due to a special needs diagnosis and a feeling of isolation. These feelings of anger, grief and guilt were slowing eroding not only my self esteem but my relationship with my mate.


After two conversations with Imani, I had completely faced a limiting belief of how I needed to show up for my daughter, which allowed me to finally start showing up for MYSELF. It was such a game changer! She allowed me permission to “vacation at home”. After that, I started sleeping more, creating more boundaries and taking care of myself in a way that actually allowed me to live my life again.


In addition to that, I was able to re-write my story of motherhood and wife as an empowered journey and it brought me to tears to see that everything that happened had it’s purpose and I was a stronger woman for it. If you want a coach who will really SHIFT you, and who is also an authentic, deep listener, who will also be honest with you about what needs to change in order for you to be first an empowered individual, while also a wife and mother Imani is your woman! -Dee

This pioneering young lady is approaching Marriage, and its many facets, from a 21st century perspective. She understand the mind, body and soul of a marriage. Take her hand & let her guide you. - Kenton


Bee, Married 8 years

When I came to Imani, my marriage wasn’t the issue.  But I did have things outside of the marriage that could change my marriage. Time was a big issue for me. In my field of work, I had to dedicated a lot of time to teaching, grading, and the being a wife and mom kinda got the leftover minutes.   But working with Imani for my career and personally made me reflect on my marriage and allowed me to breath. I thought I could just do it, I’m a planner… but it’s not that simple.  Working with Imani helped me rethink my time and now I go on dates with my husband and I’m so much happier in my career path and just in my life with my family.   

"Now I can picture the next 20, 30 years together" -

Intimate should be something your marriage IS not just something you do (occasionally).
And if you're not feeling the intimacy, then let's get down to exactly how you can. 

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