I'm an Old Soul With A  Youthful Spirit!
Handshake...Firm. Hug...Tight.

I am a woman of passion.  I am all in with the couples I work with, and they see results because of it. 


Yes, I could tell you I'm a Certified Marriage Coach, but, let's be honest here,  that piece of paper doesn't really tell you all that much. 

It doesn't tell you how to experience a partnership with me.  

For that, introductions are in order at the very least, don't you think?

I'll go first.

As a poetry-writing, jazz-singing, former college instructor, I bring a unique creativity and innovativeness to coaching with my clients.  And all of those parts of me have led me to this place, to my mission to save marriages from mediocrity, complacency, and unfullfillment.


I believe in process and progress, and my own marriage has seen it's fair share of both. 


From job loss, to child loss, family passions, financial troubles, years of long distance, and even more years of conflicting work schedules, my husband and I have committed to that progress with a strong foundation in what we see in each other and for each other in our marriage. 


Our marriage is healthy not because we've prescribed to some illusion of perfection but because it's real and we have not allowed ourselves to evolve without bringing our marriage right along with us.  

We've always been open to the process, and I ask the same of my clients.  

Because I can't want more for your marriage than you do, right?


Before we get started, let's have a brief chat about what your needs are and see if we're a good match.

Together we discover what the issues are holding your marriage back and guide you toward moving forward..

We'll celebrate all your wins - the small ones and the big ones as we progress on your journey to an intimate marriage together!

As a native New Yorker (city, that is), born and raised, who lives in North Carolina by way of Atlanta, I’ve got that southern hospitality wrapped up in a New York state of mind! 

I'm not going to lie to you, I ask you the hard questions.  I push you to do and think past what you've been doing on your own, because if I didn't I wouldn't be very good at what I do. 

I'm not the coach who's going to jump on your bandwagon or your spouse's. I won't tell you you're wrong or right or give you a bulleted list of exactly what you need to do to fix your marriage as if there's some magical fix-all formula for your unique marriage.


If that's what you're seeking, I'm most likely not your cup of tea. 


But if you want true transformation...


If you want someone to get down in the trenches with you and guide you to the other side of all the crap that keeps you up at night wondering why the hell you don't feel as close as you want to be to your spouse, then we should talk.    

I'm that woman who will go to the moon with you and back as your coach, but you've got to be ready to suit up.  

So tell me...Are You?


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