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Hey, Hey Now...

I'm Imani Aieshah. 

I'm a straight shooting, practical Wife, Mama, and Marriage Coach! I'm out here helping married folks get true partnership amid exhaustion, crazy schedules, and "forever" to-do lists.  There's just no peace in being married and feeling single, right?  


And I'm saying "NOOO" to the clichés about marriage that have you saying "Communication is Key" but without any idea on what that looks like in your actual marriage.


So bump the general sayings you heard over and over that sound good; I'm all about helping you create a thriving marriage that  actually FEELS good again!  


Imani has helped improve my marriage so much! She is very practical yet has the ability to hear and see beyond what is being said. I love her passion to see marriages thriving. I have also had a chance to attend 2 of her Sip n Share virtual events. I LOVE them! She has created a fun and safe place for wives to connect, share and receive. I highly recommend her services!

—  Lenora J.