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"The Marriage You Want is just on the other side of the issue you haven't found resolution to ... YET!​​"


Marriages that feel good don't happen spontaneously ...

... They happen intentionally!

When I ask married folk what they feel is a healthy marriage for them, 8 times out of 10, they say " a relationship where they don't argue or fight." And we've been spoon fed this idea in so many ways that it can feel plausible, attainable... 

..BUT, a healthy marriage is not one with no issues and no arguing; it's a marriage with the tools and commitment to confidently move through the issues together with respect and understanding. BOOM! 

So my question to you is this simple, but not so simple one: 

What Do You Want?

I'm here to Guide you, Encourage you, Support you, and how you Accountable, so you can get it!

To sit on the same coach together and feel close instead of miles away?

To know without a doubt that you can rely on him/her?

To get through an argument without feeling like you got no closer to resolution in the last 2 hours?

To feel appreciated?


To feel like you can tell 'em how you REALLY feel and they'll actually hear it?

To have more time to spend together?

To get more help with the house and the kids without it being a headache?

To have more sex?


To get on the same page about money?


To know you're working toward goals together instead of just going through the motions?

What came to mind when you asked yourself that question?


How would it feel?

Are you ready to go for it and finally see how that image you have in your head and heart right now can be your reality?

But I know it's easier said than done ...

It can be difficult to take that first step (even if you know you need it), so let's bust up some of those thoughts that may be holding you back from getting the help you need to feel loved and appreciated in your marriage right now.

We're too far gone. It won't work.

I've been doing this marriage coaching thing for over 6 years, and I've heard a lot.  Most of the couples I talk to feel this way.  They're wondering if they're just a lost cause.  But if you're still hanging on, if you're still hopeful and open to change in you and your relationship, then there's time.  You can either start to heal things now or wait (and if you keep waiting, it's just another year or two or three going by again without the progress you want to see.)  

Committing to coaching feels overwhelming.

Of course it does! We haven't even met yet.  So you're not committing to coaching (and I'm not committing to coaching you just yet). Let's just say at this point, you've seen my profile and you're checking me out. You're  acknowledging you know you need help and support but only committing to one call to see if it's a good fit for both of us.  

My spouse won't go for it

So here's a quick tip on this one.  When you talk to your spouse about getting support, take a page from above: ask them if they're willing to just have one phone call so I can hear them out too and we can all get to know each other. If it feels like a good fit, we go from there; if not, we move on in love.  And if they truly are adamant about not getting guidance, but you still want it to help you handle the trials of the relationship, then let's talk (I created the  Marriage Spark for this exact reason)

We can't afford the support right now

It's real out here in these streets, so I get it. Investments can't be entered into lightly, nor should they.  But consider if you can afford not to seek help for such a big part of your life.  And right now, you don't even know the investment. I have experiences at different investment levels. So, use this moment, as you read this, to put aside blind assumptions that are holding you back and find out the real so you can make an informed decision. Let's talk!

You got this!  I know it's not easy to reach out!

But you've got nothing to lose and so much to gain!

So let's look at a few ways we can get there together!



An intimate group immersion experience for couples designed with the support, flexibility, and real deal techniques to help you master communication & conquer conflict in your marriage!  It's coaching tailored to your marriage's needs with private coaching built in.


You're ready for support, but your spouse isn't? This is the coaching experience for you to help you cope with and navigate the challenges in your relationship without having to go it alone.  You have someone guiding and supporting you all along the way so you can feel like you and still be the spark that ignites the change in your marriage.


Not ready to dive in with full on coaching?  Gotcha...and I still got your back with a hybrid self-paced option that will give your marriage the techniques it needs to create more closeness, quell the arguments, and increase the intimacy.  And, we still have the personal touch with monthly watch parties and quarterly connection activities.  

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Not Sure Where to Start?



Just pick a date below for us to talk!

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