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Start from where YOU are in your marriage! 

The Marriage Games: What do YOU Want??

This is where you kick off to get clarity on what you want (specifically) and what's in the way.  From there, you'll know where to go in this collection! 

Below is your jumping off point!  This challenge was designed to do 3 things: 

1) Help you articulate what you want...specifically

2) Guide you to getting clear on what's in the way

3) Move you through creating an action plan to get to what you want

So here are three ways for you to seize YOUR particular nuggets from this challenge:

1) Listen to the meat & potatoes, yes, but also listen to the insight I give and questions I ask the ladies to help guide their unique experiences.  You may have the very same questions.  

2) PRINT The Marriage Games Action Sheets or download and pen/paper it if that's your thing!  These sheets are the crux of getting to YOUR particular details for YOUR marriage's action plan. 

3) Fun  Fact! You can still post the posts from this challenge in real time!  Share in the specific group created for you in the Marriage You Want Tribe, The Intimate Marriage Collection Crew for encouragement & insight from me and other married folk going through this challenge at their own pace as well.   


Meat & Potatoes @3:09

Meat & Potatoes @4:00


Still unsure where to go?  Discover where your marriage stands with the 8 Foundational Elements of Marriage in this 30 minute training. Share the top 3 areas you'd like to improve on in the Tribe! 


Approaching the Money Conversation

The money conversation is NOT about the money; it's about what the money represents for you and your spouse. So let's dig into how to have those conversations that matter and create shifts around money. Marriage 101 lays the foundation and then Money & Resentment brings it home when you're fed up with how things are going. 


Even if you and your spouse differ in how you deal with money, you CAN talk about money and make decisions together! What your biggest takeaway on your money story? Go on and share it with me in the Tribe!


Handing Conflict & Resistance with Ease

Changing your relationship with conflict is SO key for the longevity and health of your marriage.  It's something to be embraced, not avoided, which is why this is the most robust section in the collection!  


Getting the Space you need & Setting Boundaries

Space is not a dirty word, despite the bad rap it gets. Needing space is natural and necessary.  So here's how to get the space you need and how to create boundaries where you need it!


Creating & Maintaining Closeness & Intimacy

Intimacy isn't just sex. There's only so much lingerie and Marvin Gaye can do.  And the best sex comes from everything that goes on when you're not having sex.  Feeling heard, understanding how to connect, and moving like partners all promote the vulnerability, closeness, and trust of an intimate marriage. 


Featuring Positive & Purposeful Parent Coach, Domari Dickinson!  She's amazing! Check her out here:


Handling Transition & Change as Partners

You know what they say, "the only definite thing is change."  This is not different in your relationship. But how do you and your spouse handle change, tackle it together, and smooth out the stress and frustration that comes along with it?  Fun fact about this training below.  I did it in person with my Marriage Fix Experience couples right before Coronavirus hit.  And once the shift happened, they all said they felt ready to handle the adjustment together after this training. 

Talk about timing! 


Re-working Quality Time so it Works for You

I get it! You've got all the things to do, a never ending to do list and folks who are constantly needing you for something. And it feels like you don't have time for quality time.  Well, here's how you do!


Creating Goals Together that Actually Happen

How often have you and your spouse said you were gong to do something, start something, make something happen, and then it doesn't happen? Or it happens a few times and fizzles out for years? Here's where that comes from and how to change it.  


3 Insights from the Quick Q&As


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