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I'm Imani

I'm a straight-shooting, plant-based eating, Wife, Mama, Marriage Coach, author of What Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Marriage, and host of The Sauce Show & The Saucy Marriage Podcast. I help married folks become master communicators in their unique relationship so they can get true peace & partnership amid exhaustion, crazy schedules, and demanding to-do lists! 


I say, bump the marriage cliches that have you thinking “Communication is Key” but without any clue on how that looks in your actual life and marriage.  The relationship cliches you’ve heard all your life only limit a marriage. I'm here to guide you to creating a marriage that goes beyond those limits, a marriage that feels more peaceful, intimate, and free...that feels more YOU!


I'm dedicated and uber passionate about giving couples both the techniques and confidence to tackle the inevitable tough times and truly create the solid, long-lasting marriage they want.  Together, we'll find the sweet spot that only your marriage has so you can feel connected and comfortable enough to talk about anything, even the hard stuff, with less headache and more resolution and peace.