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Ok, so you're Married. You're Exhausted! And you feel like you're doing it alone because your marriage just doesn't feel like a partnership ...YET!

Notice I said ... yet!  You just don't know what to do right now.  So without all the cliches and fluff, you and I can uncover your individualized plan to partnership in YOUR marriage.  Got 30 minutes? You Want to Know?  Then just click below!

I'm Imani. 

I'm a straight shooting, practical Wife, Mama, and Marriage Coach! I'm out here helping married folks get true partnership amid exhaustion, crazy schedules, and "forever" to-do lists.  There's just no peace in being married but feeling single, right?  


And I'm saying "NOOO" to the clichés about marriage that have you saying "Communication is Key" but without any idea on what that looks like in your actual marriage.


So bump the general sayings you heard over and over that sound good; I'm all about helping you create a thriving marriage that  actually FEELS good again!  


Okay, so tell me ...

what brought you here?

My marriage is good, but I do want to strengthen the communication and intimacy in my marriage.

I just don't feel the connection in my marriage right now.  I've done everything I can think of, and I just don't know what to do anymore.

I am holding on to my marriage by a thread and as much as it pains me, separation has crossed my mind. 

Intimate should be something your marriage IS not just something you do (occasionally).


And if you're not feeling the intimacy, then let's get down to exactly how you can.   

I'll Go To The Moon & Back For Your Marriage...

(but don't just take my word for it)

Receiving council from Imani has been instrumental in my thinking regarding relationship. Her strong intuition, kindness, and knowledge is apparent in her delivery and I would recommend her to anyone looking to better understand their partner and loved one. Imani has the ability to help you move forward into resolution while helping you honor the journey that brought you to where you are!

Ladan M.

This pioneering young lady is approaching Marriage, and its many facets, from a 21st century perspective. She understand the mind, body and soul of a marriage. Take her hand & let her guide you.

Kp Clayton

Imani has helped improve my marriage so much! She is very practical yet has the ability to hear and see beyond what is being said. I love her passion to see marriages thriving. I have also had a chance to attend 2 of her Sip n Share virtual events. I LOVE them! She has created a fun and safe place for wives to connect, share and receive. I highly recommend her services!

Lenora J.

So you're thinking...

  • Can coaching really help?

  • Do I have to do it for years?

  • Are we too broken to fix?

Take 3 Minutes with the Mariscals to hear their take!


Imani does a wonderful job of being inclusive of both partners in a marriage. Many of us feel as though a marriage coach is really only for the wife, but Imani does her best to help the husband feel he is as much a part of the process. Her focus on communication in the marriage is innovative and much needed in this "relationship expert" world. You can tell spends a lot of time and care creating spaces for couples that is preventative and not reactive, which is usually what drives so many people end up seeking counseling. She wants you to do it right before it goes bad, I really like that!

Kami A.

I attended Imani's Spark Up Your Marriage virtual event and it was amazing! Imani is so in touch with the struggles and joys of married life. She asked us such great questions that sparked conversation and really required me to dig deep into my role in my marriage. Imani has fantastic energy and knows her stuff! I'm looking forward to working more with her to bring the spark back!! Thank you Imani! I appreciate you!

Michelle M.

Talking with Coach Imani about my relationship always helps me to get clarity on things that I haven't forced myself to consider. She outlines the tough questions and encourages you to face those answers that you normally wouldn't say out aloud because you are too afraid of the reality. Her advice helps me to move towards the things that I want out of my relationship and creating workable strategies to help me bring my inner voice out in expressing those wants. I truly appreciate her boldness and honesty during our chats.

Nicky W.

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