You've thought about slipping off that wedding ring and laying it

out on the dining room table... a gauntlet.

You've imagined what it would mean NOT to be together, not to be married.

A part of you is fed up.

A part of you is tired.

A part of you feels guilty.

A part of you is unsure.

And you keep repeating, "I just don't know what to do" in your head.  

You want to feel secure in your decision, even though you know in your heart

either way it's going to affect everyone. 

But you've got to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD! 


And most people need to say things aloud to do that.  That's when you really start to work it out and work it through.

So let's do it.

Let me guide you in making that defining decision.  Whether you make the decision to move on or move forward together...

I can help you move on in a way that allows you to still co-parent your children together...Or I can help you move forward together.


The choice is always yours.  But I'll be there every step of the way.

And I'll just level with you that a 30 Minute call is not going to cut it at this point, so we need to have a full on session where you'll get coaching on how to move forward and we'll make the decision about whether we'll take those next steps together.  

But, take the step, knowing you don't have to take it by yourself, and schedule your Breakthrough & Blueprint Call with me!

Let's Get To It Then...

Investment: $247


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