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The Sauce

Marriage. Unscripted. Elevated.

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The Low Down

Brining to Light THe Things We Only Talk ABout in the Dark ...

Having a marriage that endures is not the same as an enduring marriage!  Married 25 years and miserable ain't the way, right! And no one signs up for that!


So how do we do it??  How do we get up morning after morning after morning and choose to go through life with that one someone?  Every couple has got their own secret sauce, and they, along with Marriage Coach, Imani Aieshah, are going in on what it really looks like when you want that longevity in marriage but you also want to throw a pork chop at his head (Yep! That was in an episode) or walk out before she points yet another finger in your face.  


We get down in it so we can have the raw conversations we need to have, no noise, fluff, or cliches you could have just Googled, and we're inviting you along for the ride!  

Taste of the Sauce

First Look

Change is inevitbale, but we're often scared of the unknown. The two can be in conflict and lead to some hard feelings and issues to work through.  Take a Sneak Peek with this clip from one of our episodes ...

Behind the Scenes

The Host

Imani Aieshah

"Change doesn't live in the conversations we avoid; it's in the ones that have us strip naked and stand in front of the mirror." 

She's the straight-shooting and practical Wife, Mama, Marriage Coach, and author of What Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Marriage.  Imani helps married folks get true partnership amid exhaustion, crazy schedules, and demanding to-do lists. There’s no peace in being married but feeling single, right!? So she's come on the scene saying bump the marriage cliches that have you thinking “Communication is Key” but without any clue on how that looks in your actual life and marriage.  


What is the key??!!  Where is it? And how do you use it when you’ve asked your spouse to do something for the 100th time and it still does’t happen, so you believe he/she is either not listening or just doesn’t care.  Either way, Imani knows in those situations, the communication “key” is nowhere to be found. Imani wants you to kick those general sayings you've heard over and over that sound good to the curb; and create a thriving marriage and partnership that makes your marriage feel good again.  

Enter The Sauce! She's interviewing real couples and dishing out nuggets that will have you reeling long after the episodes are over!  

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