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What Your Mama Didn't Tell You About Marriage


Time to Let You In On...

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Because you want to feel like partners in your marriage!

  • Because you're tired of feeling like you're doing it alone!

  • Because you're tired of spending so much time apart from your family!

  • Because you're tired of not feeling like a priority!

  • Because you're tired of asking for more help and not getting it!

  • Because you're tired of getting flack for the laundry, or cooking, or dishes when you're out here taking care of everyone but yourself! 

The Original!

The real deal techniques tailored to YOUR marriage to get the partnership you crave! We're talking more help around the house, feeling like you have goals you're working toward together, knowing you and the marriage are a priority, and SO much more! 

The Wifepreneur Edition

Same great content as the Original but tailored to the specific experience of the married entrepreneur!  Building a business while trying to have a thriving marriage is a unique combination ... and this special edition caters to that uniqueness! 


FINALLY!  A practical, non-stuffy, guide on how to have an intimate marriage without racking your brain on how to apply those marriage cliches!

You want to feel like you're both in it no matter what...


You just want to have a partner you can celebrate those wins with, but it can end up feeling like you're just having the same argument on a loop with no resolution, no peace, and no change.  

So, then it's just like "forget it; I'm going to shut my mouth," BUT you find yourself still wanting... 

  • to laugh with him

  • to spend more time with him and the kids

  • to hear him say he "sees" you and supports you

  • to feel comfortable sharing the hard stuff

  • to feel comfortable sharing the wins

  • to be able to have the money conversations without feeling guilty about not bringing in "enough"

  • to feel acknowledged for what you do instead of scolded for what isn't done all the time (laundry, dishes, cooking)

  • to feel like "he's got you" even when you don't know if you've got you

And I know, I know, it sounds like a tall order for a book...A BOOK! But, I tackle ALL of this in the realest most practical way.  You can start putting these techniques into action while you're reading and definitely after you're done. As you read this book, we'll have a conversation like girlfriends, except this girlfriend is going to give you more than just momentary "advice."  

This is the book you'll continue to pick up and reference because it rocked the foundation of your marriage in the best showing you how to create a new foundation of communication and partnership that works for YOU and YOUR marriage.   


Not your typical "save my marriage' self-help book.  She fights for your marriage by showing you a new way to look at humility, changing your understanding of self-centeredness while keeping relating and relationship at the core.

"Imani's magic is looking at something you have dissected on your own a thousand times and offering a different lens with which to examine it"

In the past when we'd try to communicate, it was always who was going to win the conversation, but after we did coaching with Imani, we were able to hold a conversation without having to win or even get loud with each other.  

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